Through this virtual 2-hour event, we provide a safe place for family members to support one another and learn how to “deal and heal.” Badges to Recovery digs deep to educate families on the root causes of addiction in first responders and service members, and how to support a loved one on their road to recovery. We’ll also help families connect in a positive way and develop healthy communication and coping strategies.

Topics our expert team will explore in our Badges to Recovery workshops include:

  • Addiction and recovery for first responders and service members
  • Impact of the first responder lifestyle on families
  • The brain and the experience of boredom for a first responder
  • The lifecycle of shift work
  • How to communicate with your family during stressful times
  • Stories of hope shared from first responders and family members in recovery

You will be able to share and ask questions based on your level of comfort, and our virtual platform allows for anonymity.


About the Host:
Trish Caldwell, Vice President of Family and Clinical Programming

Trish has over 25 years of experience in the substance abuse and behavioral health field, including in inpatient, PHP, outpatient, and long-term residential treatment facilities. She also serves as an Adjunct with Jefferson University, contracts with Lakeside Global Institute to provide trauma trainings for the community, and runs a private practice for people who have experienced trauma, substance use, or ADHD.

Trish is passionate about integrating families into each patient’s recovery process, creating meaningful programming to help educate and support families through this journey, and teaching and training staff on how to integrate families as well as the importance of families being involved in recovery. Read her full bio here.